Dr. Sameh Hashem

Department of Surgery
Salmaniya Medical Center, Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr Sameh Hashem was graduated from Zagazig university in 2008. He had his internship in Salmaniya medical complex in kingdom of Bahrain and started his residency in it in the surgical department and worked as a senior resident in plastic surgery unit since December 2014. He finished the Arab board in General Surgery in 2017 and his main interest is reconstructive and burns surgery

Topic: Reconstruction of back of neck defect using posterior intercostal perforator fasciocutaneous flap, case series of two patients

Introduction: Posterior neck defect can occur after debridement of infective conditions such as carbuncles, tumour excision and orthopedic procedures with exposed implants. Reconstruction of such defects is challenging and carries difficulty due to the extent of mobility of the neck. Material and method: In this case series two middle age men had extensive debridement of neck carbuncle that left them with 8x12 cm defect in one of them and 10x25 cm in the other. Reconstruction was done using an axial fasciocutaneous local flap based on the posterior intercostal perforators , donor site was closed primarily in the first case and a split thickness graft was needed to cover part of the donor site in the second(1) (2) (3).

Outcome: Both patients had uneventful recovery with complete coverage of the defects and viable flaps and had good aesthetic and functional outcomes. Results: the posterior intercostals fasciocutaneous perforator flap is an easy and robust flap with minimal donor site morbidity and carries good functional and aesthetic outcomes. [Sameh Hashem MBBCH CABS, Isa Alalwani MB BCh BAO (NUI) and Sadiq Al Ekri MBBS CABS FRACS]